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Settng up your profile

How your personal information will help readers find you in the future

Creating & Editing Your Site

Step by step demonstration of how to use our easy-build system and change it quickly as often as you like

Design & Image Tips

Tips and tricks on design and the use of images that make it easier for you to create a beautiful look

Connecting with Readers

How to access and use your contact database and email system to develop great reader relationships

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free group live tutorials

These sessions are held weekly at 6pm on Thursday’s (BST). Select a date that works best for you. We will demonstrate the system using sample material. You will be able to interact through chat and a Q & A at the end of the session.


Personalised tutorial for your website
free one-to-one live tutorial

These sessions are available hourly, 1pm to 6pm  Wednesday afternoons (BST) and Friday 9am to Noon (BST). We will guide you personally through the set up of your website on Pagimate using your own material. This will be a dynamic session and our goal is to leave you with a framework to complete so that you are ready to go should you choose to launch you site with us!

5 reasons why your author website is so important

Almost every advisory resource for writers will tell you that the number 1 marketing need for an author, is a website. But why? Here are five good reasons you should publish a website or be damned!

The Number 1 Reason - Know Your Customers!

You’ve spent months, maybe years, writing your book – and so you add it to Amazon and other retailers and etailers – and then what?

Well then you spend huge amounts of time and effort trying to get friends, family and anyone you can get through to on social media, to their stores. And then who knows who your readers are? THEY DO!

To have any chance of building sales and reader connections you have to start by building you own presence and connections through a website and mailing list.

Create a Presence That's Just About You and Your Books

In any other setting, whether it’s Social Media, Store profiles, or information sites, you are surrounded by constant feeds of nformation about other people and products – on your website, everything is about you and your books – and that’s what your readers need to see. You, your works and your news all in one place.

Build Direct Reader Relationships

Email and websites are the most powerful and effective way to communicate witth your readers – direct email contact is at least 40x more effective in engaging reader response and action than Social Media. Of course you need to keep the social going too, but you’ll get more reaction from readers through your website! 

Develop Your Author Brand

With your own website and reader contact process you have control over everything – how your name is presented, your design and colours, your promotions and products what you want your readers to know and when.

Being a successful author these days means keeping your readers in touch with your publications and making sure you are in their minds when they go to buy a book.

Open Up New Opportunities

Your book is just the start of your storytelling journey. It’s a huge achievement and puts you amongst a small and special group of people in the world – and it could open up new opportunities for you. Through products, people, communities and other ways of telling your story. Those opportunities come through direct connection with others. And that’s what Pagimate is here to help you do.

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